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This is hands down THE BEST HARLEY DEALER ANYWHERE.  I rode down from Maryland on my 2012 dresser and had voltage regulator issues about 2 miles from this dealer.  I explained the issue to Mike in service and they IMMEDIATELY took the bike even though I heard another employee say that they were running behind.  It took about 2 hours to fix, but during that time, we loved exploring one of the nicest HD showrooms ever.  We ended up purchasing apparel and helmets from Josh in sales.  Libby even gave us a discount on our purchases.  We then went to their restaurant and got some GREAT BBQ.  After lunch, they washed my bike and it looked like it came off the showroom floor.  The repair charge was VERY reasonable as well.  I am still a little pissed that a 2012 Harley with 8000 miles broke down but this Harley dealer made up for this 10 times over and saved our vacation.  They even were going to give me a great price on a rental bike if the bike could not be repaired while I waited.  I just cannot get over how friendly and accommodating this dealer was in addition to being the coolest, nicest and bad-ass Harley Davidson dealer anywhere.   Thanks again Smoky Mountain Harley



Mike and Brenda Aswall



My husband and I bought a new bike from you guys this past week and I have to say that I have never met any more nicer people anywhere. From the time that Jeff talked to Jay on the phone before we came down there until the you guys helped load the bike into the trailer, I couldn't ask to have been treated any nicer. I would recommend you to everyone! Thank you so much - Barbara Edwards



Broke down on 129 while on vac. 8/7/12. got towed in by Ben from H&H. Service dept took my bike in right away. Unfortunately parts not in stock. I rented a ultra classic for a couple days (great deal)and had a blast. I've been an auto repair shop owner in Hartford Ct.  for over 20 years and know how important customer service is. Mr Maddux, you have an awesome team working for you. (stinkers has the best ribs) Thanks, ill be back. Kevin Richard

Was there last fall and had a outstanding adventure. The service and all round personalities made our stay there worth coming back this 4th of July with more friends. - Louis Jone

I would like to thank Kenny Cooper and the mechanics that repaired my bike during our Woodlands HOG chapter ride to your area. I would have been left behind and have to catch up with the rest of the group on a later date but your service dept. made a great effort to get my bike repaired quickly. Thanks again. - Mike Clifton

I just wanted to say what a good time we had Saturday night at the Carl Hayes show. I had met several first timers to the Shed. They had a ball. Looking forward to more. - Acie Key

We first want to start off by saying Thank You to all of you there at Smoky Mountain H-D, Maryville, TN.  We arrived at your dealership with the intent to replace the rear tire and buy a couple of T-shirts which then escalated into a cut found in the front tire, needing to be replaced as well, to rear brakes needing to be replaced, then the worse happened….we found out there was transmission issues.  This bike had only about 13,000 miles on it when we arrived….We had some issues with this bike prior to this trip (leak that to 4 visit to 2 different H-D dealers to fix, 3 rear tires-Yeah, 3 rear tires on a 2008, handling issues, etc. and we bought this bike new, straight off of the showroom floor), but on this trip started the BEST worse experience (And we mean that you all turn our bad experience into the BEST experience we could imagine) in our H-D ownership.  We rode out of there on a beautiful 2008, 105th Anniversary Edition FLHTCU.  What made this happen??  Wonderful people there at your dealership….Tony (Awesome guy, true professional and made us feel like family), Samson (You are the Man!!!  Even though I am sure our bike issues were frustrating and maybe even us-never did you indicate your were frustrated with us, you handled everything with true professionalism!), Lori (Super helpful, explained EVERYTHING on the financial paper work, extremely kind), the lady in the office next to Lori (I so wish I could remember her name as she was very helpful and kind as well!!), the gentleman back in sales/service that took our picture and gave us our T-Shirts, the gentleman that I, Tina, spoke to on the phone on Monday, May 16th to take care of our bill that we accidently skipped out on (very nice and helpful!), the gentleman that came out when we first pulled into your parking lot (it had started to rain (again) and you told us we could park under the covered roof area beside the Shed.  This act may seem incidental to some, but it made all of us (10 people, 7 bikes) feel like special, valued customers! To all the rest of the employees we came into contact (you were very friendly and helpful!!) and last but not least Scott the owner!  You did not have to apologize to us, but it was greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all you did for us.  It went beyond both our comprehensions that you would do this as these issues were not your fault.  Oh my goodness I wish I knew everyone's name there that we did come into contact with because you all made this experience a good one.  There was not one individual there that we had a negative experience with.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you at Smoky Mountain H-D, Maryville, you are what customer service is all about, you have it down to a science.  You will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will be back on our next visit to the Smoky Mountains.  And you can be assured we will be singing your praises to all our Harley Davidson friends, which we already have started doing!!!!  We cannot say it enough….Thank You again for all you did and do.  Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson, Maryville, TN is the best!!!!  There is not another dealership out there like you and we have visited many.- Major & Tina Hazelwood, Trafalgar, Indiana

WHAT A GREAT SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT!  I loved Hayes!!!  This is the coolest small venue in east TN!  Made me want to buy a Harley just to be as cool as the rest of the crowd - Heather Blanton

I visited Gatlinburg the weekend of the 8th through the 10th of April and had a great time mostly because of your great service. I arrived on the 8th at my hotel and my bike would not restart appeared to be a problem with security system. After doing all I knew to do I contacted your Service department. You sent someone promptly to my rescue and picked up the bike. On Saturday I picked up the bike and your service tech thought it was only a bad connection in the key fob battery compartment. The bike was running fine at that point. When I got up to leave Sunday morning the bike would not start again. Knowing that there was not a technician on duty on Sundays I was in a panic. I called the shop any way and told them my dilemma. I was 2 hundred miles from home, needing to be back for an important day at work on Monday, and had a broken motorcycle. You guys went above and beyond to get me going. You picked up me and the bike¸ called in a technician that found the problem and within 3 hours had me on my way. This was the first trip I had taken with my new girl friend telling her how much fun it is to travel on motorcycles. Thank you for making the trip a pleasant experience even with the problems we endured. Makes me want to come up and buy my next Harley from you guys. When you say superior customer service you mean it. A rare commodity these days! Thanks again and feel free to put me on your email list I would like to know about any events you may be having. - Danny Free

Hello Scott,
I doubt you will remember me, but I am the original owner of Rhea's Diving Services just down the road from you guys. I now live in Gainesville Florida, but still own a home in Maryville and come by your stores each and every time I am in town.

I wanted to take the time to again, (I did this in person when I bought my 2006 Road King from Kevin) thank you, and compliment yet another member of your marvelous staff.

Rebecca Latham, is another employee that has helped to keep me as raving fan of SMHD. Back in June I was at SMHD and Rebecca helped me look for a proper helmet. We found the one I wanted, but you didn't have my size. Rebecca called all your other stores and even Knoxville, but this was a discontinued model and no one had it. She then took the time to put the model number and sku # on a business card so I could look once I got back to Florida. That weekend we attended the Hackensaw Boys concert at the shed and she and the other staff treated me and my Florida friends like family. I did find the helmet in Sturgis in August as I had kept Rebecca's card with me until I found what I wanted.

This past Christmas Eve I came in and Rebecca remembered me and I told her I found the helmet and she was very pleased. She told me about a customer of yours that is a diver from Canada and that I might want to communicate with him if I was interested. She said she would send me his info, and of course I never really expected this to be remembered. January 3rd Rebecca called me here in Florida and gave me the gentleman's contact info, and as you can imagine I was blown away. I don't know if it was the fact that she remembered or that she cared enough to do what she said she would do, but either way I was deeply impressed. Sadly it is hard to find this type of customer service these days, especially not at most Harley shops.

I travel for a living and have been to virtually every Harley dealership in Florida, and over 70 other dealerships in the USA and around the world, and I never have I been treated better than at SMH-D.

Scott you are obviously a very good business man who has created a wonderful work environment and have surrounded yourself with some great talent...

Please keep up the great work, take good care of Rebecca, Angie, Shane, and many others who consistently give me reasons to rave about you guys everywhere I go.
Thank you, David Rhea

Hi Scott,
Just wanted to say hello and let you know what a fabulous experience that we had this weekend at your store. We were in town for the weekend and spent our time on our 2000 Road King Classic. We rode up and down the mountains and enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage there in TN. On one of our trips back into town we stopped into the Pigeon Forge store and eyed a new Ultra Classic. A nice salesman named David answered our questions and ran some prelim numbers for us. We decided to go on to the Maryville store (our favorite) and see what they had to offer. We really were "just looking" and never had any intention to buy. Once we got to the Maryville store we found a new Ultra Classic Limited that was our "dream bike." We worked with Gary and started talking about the bike and all of the eye candy on it. Gary offered us a test drive and my husband and I just looked at each other in disbelief! Out of all of the H-D dealerships that we've been in (and that's A LOT) we've never been offered a test drive. Gary set us up with an escort named Jack. Jack is the man! He took us on a nice little spin and stayed with us while Gary waited on another customer. We asked Gary about numbers on a possible trade-in for the new bike. He worked with James and they presented "the deal" to us. Never in a million years did my husband and I think that we would be back the next day to actually purchase the Limited! Wow! Everyone from Chuck in parts, Lori in Finance (who worked hard on that credit card machine for us) to Shaun (who did an excellent and thorough job on the bike overview presentation) to Gary our "busy but gonna get you the best deal" salesman all helped to make our visit exceptional and FUN! Of course Jack is probably 90% of why we actually got serious about the bike in the first place. He's a good 'ole boy that shares his experience, knowledge and stories with strangers who are lucky to now call him friend. We look forward to stopping in next time we're in the area to say hello to everyone since we're now part of the Smoky Mountain H-D Family!! Hopefully we'll get to make to a concert next year. Enjoying the Ride, Rod & Lisa Patton

Just wanted you to know what an amazing experience my brother and I had at your store on Saturday. We live in Charleston, SC, and were there visiting for the weekend. We rode our bike from here to there, and he needed some service done. The service department was extremely quick and courteous. We ate lunch while we waited and it was delicious. His bike was ready in about 30 minutes, which was what we were told it would be. We also bought t-shirts while we were there and had the most pleasant, helpful, and friendly sales associate I've ever had at a H-D dealership. Her name was Beth, and I've attached the photo I took of her while I was there, Lol. Please make sure she gets a copy, and make sure she, and all your employees get a pat on the back! [There's no] comparison to SMH-D! Ya'll ROCK!! I will be back for the concerts at the Shed! -Greg Norton

My name is Bill Canter. I was truly surprised on Christmas day when my wife and kids took me to our basement only to find a 2010 Ultra Classic. I was speechless. My wife had bought my dream bike. She worked with "Doo-Rag" on the purchase. I am usually very skeptical and cautious when making large purchases. Since I wanted to know more, we went back into the store the week after Chrstmas. Doo-Rag explained every detail, including pricing as he stepped through the process. They even delivered it to the house. Needless to say, I felt confident she made the right choice in SMH-D. I will always recommend SMH-D to anyone looking for a H-D. Thanks.

Scott... it is a 2 ½ hour drive from my house to SMH-D of Pigeon Forge but the 5 hour round trip was worth it! I purchased my Street Glide on Sunday 5/17 from David and Steve Ownby (another great asset) and I look forward to returning on this coming Saturday to pick up the bike. Be assured my friends will know that SMH-D is worth the trip when they are looking to purchase their next H-D bike. Thank you SMH-D, DAVID, Steve, Nikki, parts guys – Skip & Danny!

"Chuck and I just wanted to thank our salesman, Gary Louks, for his outstanding customer service. We really had a great experience in your store - everyone was so courteous and helpful!" Chuck and Jackie Cronnon, Indianapolis, IN.

"I have never had a better experience buying anything than when my wife and I purchased our Wide Glide® in May. Perry was the best, never pressuring me even though he knew he had me from the start. The poker run was fun and informative. Don in Finance was very patient and answered all our questions and went way out of his way, even though it was already past closing time. The only time I have ever needed Service, Sampson took really good care of us. I plan on buying all my Harley-Davidsons® from Smoky Mountain." John Renfro, Harriman, TN

"My wife and I purchased a 2007 RoadGlide® from Smoky Mountain Harley in May of 2007. After our purchase we had an hour and half drive back to our home. The whole trip home we both agreed that our purchase from the folks at Smoky Mountain was the best buying experience that either of us had ever had, period! If you are considering buying anything Harley, I suggest you go see these fine folks. If you already have what you need stop and see them anyway. It is worth the trip to see all their customers get treated like royalty. Thanks to Scott and all the fine people at Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson for making our purchase such a great experience. We sincerely appreciate it." Steve and Sharon Randall.

"Since Wendy and I have been part of Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson's activities from it's beginning, riding our Harley-Davidson® Deuce™ has become the quality time we have set aside to spend as a family because of our love for each other and riding motorcycles. We have watched Scott Maddux create with he staff and customers a personal relationship, helping bring the sport of riding a Harley-Davidson come true. We would like to close in saying that anyone that has not experienced the Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson family will miss the change of a lifetime." By Doug & Wendy Jones, Maryville,TN

"It's the very best H-D dealership I've ever been to and also has the greatest selection of bikes anywhere. The best associates are there for your help on whatever your needs may be. My next Harley will be bought there just like the first one was. Thanks Smoky Mountain H-D for a great Harley." By: Kent, Maryville,TN

"I spent about an hour in the Maryville TN shop and what a fun time I had. Plenty of items to spend $ on and the staff, well lets just say they were outstanding. Looking forward for my next visit, but since I am 500 miles away unsure when that will be. Hey if anyone is in the area shop by Smoky Mountain HD." By: Richard, Plymouth,IN

"Two years in a row we have traveled to Maryville TN to follow my son's college baseball team. Last year my experience at you dealership was so great I couldn't wait to get back this year. Your team at SMH-D, should be commended for their excellence, everyone was very helpful and very informative with a great attitude. I will be back to buy my next bike at your place just because of the attitude of the people at SMH-D. Wish I had the names of all the people that helped my wife and I, but the only name I have is Shaun Herbert and he was asked a lot of questions, and spent a lot of time with us. Because of Shaun and his great willingness to help we will be back."

"I just returned to Smoky Mountain HD on 3-29-08 to purchase a 2008 Street Glide. On our first visit to the new shop just before last Christmas we were greeted and treated like family. Mike and Steve were a pleasure to work with. The whole gang at SMHD made us feel welcome. I promised I would be back to by my Street Glide from them. After the thousands of people that had visited there after our visit, they remembered us as soon as we walked through the door, 4 months later !!!!! Thanks again and I am waiting for the call from Mike to let me know my new ride is there. See you all in a couple weeks."
Rick, Terry, and Landon Horton Mt. Carmel, Tn.

"My husband and I were in your show room this past Saturday . I was very impressed and please with the treatment we received. Your showroom, selection, and staff are by-far the best we have seen yet (and we have been to many showrooms). I was really impressed with Brad and Chuck that they would go the extra mile to put a reach seat on a bike just so i could see if it would fit me (see I'm kinda short). Thank you again for the hospitality and we will see you again when everything falls in place."
Jennifer Roberts Doyle, TN

"We purchased two H-D® motorcycles from SMHD 7 months ago and I have to say that the people at SMHD are indeed dedicated to servicing the customer after the sale. I am very satisfied and recommend SMHD to anyone to experience their service and sales department(s). " By: John, Lenoir City, TN

"My wife and I found SMH-D in Feb during a trip to Gatlinburg ,we were treated like home folks, while in the dealership. we even got 16 of our friends to ride back with us in June just to hang out at the Shed. This will be a yearly ride for us now. this is the #1 dealership for us." By: RICHARD, Florence, AL

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